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Buyer Persona Template | Why Do I Need To Create A Buyer Persona

This template makes it simpler than ever to create buyer personas for your business.

This is a basic buyer persona template you can use and reuse. You can conveniently gather all the valuable information you have obtained about your ideal customers through surveys, interviews, and market research in this template.

Keep in mind that you might have multiple buyer personas for your business. To create additional copies of this PDF for each of your different buyer personas, you can either print out multiple copies or select “Save As” and name each PDF accordingly.

Demographic & Background

Based on the data gathered from surveys and interviews, you can develop a fictional character to personify your ideal customer for your business. You can then proceed to provide this character’s background and demographics, including gender, economic and educational levels, work history, and other relevant details.


What channels of communication does this person utilize? What are their preferred methods of receiving communication from you? Additionally, where can you locate this individual on the internet?


What are the objectives of this individual, both within their particular position and for their organization overall? Identifying their objectives can assist you in determining how your product or service can genuinely add value to them.

Daily Challenges, Objections, & Fears

What are the daily challenges and hurdles that this person encounters in their job? How can your product or service alleviate each of these challenges and simplify their daily routine? What is the reason for them to purchase your product or service? Considering your knowledge about this buyer persona, what are the key features of your product or service that make it appealing to them? Based on their daily obstacles, concerns, and aspirations in their work and business, what are the primary benefits of your product or service that would appeal to them?

The Buyer’s Journey

Where is this person at in their buyer’s journey? The content and offers
you share will need to align with whether they are just aware of your
business, considering it, or deciding to purchase.