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Business Grow System

Week 17

  1. Create a Frequently Asked Questions list

Key Take Away

The Purpose

Saves time by providing a simple access list of the brand’s most frequently asked questions with the answers the company wants everyone to use.

Provides great topics for blog posts and page content when the answer needs a little more explanation than just a sentence or two.

Shows your audience that you know their questions and are transparent about answering them before they even ask.

Questions are most frequently used on Google search when looking for answers

The Reason This Matters

It’s very important to show your audience that you care about their time, so we’ve put all the questions and answers into a simple-to-navigate page or system so you don’t have to look around for the answers.

How This Will Benefit Your Organization

Having an extensive FAQ page or system makes your brand convenient and user-friendly for people wanting more information about you and/or your industry. It’s also search engine friendly. You can use the questions to expand the answers into blog posts that are popular on search engines.

Who Should Do This

This could be a joint effort with all departments and based on how many questions you end up with could then be broken down into a system or systems most convenient and efficient for the audience.

How Long To Allocate For This Task

With one record keeper or collector, you could have a very extensive list within a few days and crafted into a full system within a week. Keep in mind, you can continue to add more questions and revise answers to the master list at any time.

Action Steps

  • Make a list of all the questions and answers each department gets on a frequent basis.
  • Look on the Internet at industry websites to see what questions they have.
  • Look at competitor sites to see if they have an FAQ. How are their answers different from yours?
  • What questions would you want your audience to have and answer those as well.
  • Keep a running list of new questions and answers as they come up
  • Don’t forget about leading questions and answers that will help in the sales stage
  • Add links to helpful information, diagrams, and support literature off the list but still related to the question.
  • Have an easy-to-navigate page or system so people do not have to scroll and read everything to find the answer (convenience is key)