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Business Grow System

Week 02

  1. Develop your unique story and purpose.

ADMIN NOTE:  The better your story, the more emotional attachment your audience will have with you (your brand)

Key Take Away

The Purpose

Give your audience a compelling reason to trust and engage with your brand.

The Reason This Matters

Finding a common ground is the first step in getting people to trust you. Without trust, they will not buy from you or follow you.

How This Will Benefit Your Organization

Developing a trusting relationship with your audience is critical to moving your audience through the “Customer Journey Map” from Awareness to Consideration.

Who Should Do This

TOP DOWN & OUT: Culture, vision, mission, and purpose are implemented and communicated from the top to all departments of the organization.

How Long To Allocate For This Task

As long as it takes but it doesn’t have to be perfect from the start. The story and purpose are continually carried out through all departments and should be clearly identified everywhere in the organization and reinforced through all activities and speech. Making sure to do the necessary course corrections along the journey.


Action Steps

To tell your unique story in a relatable way to your target audience will take some time to produce and finetune. While it doesn’t have to be perfect from the start, it should at least be authentic. This is not a time to share all your knowledge about the product or service you offer.

Starting with a short story about why this business and helping your audience is so important to you and why people should listen and act on what you have to say.


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